Heating & Plumbing Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your heating system is crucial, especially if they are located in a critical room like a server room or cellar. Planned heating maintenance is scheduled work which is carried out to keep equipment in good working order, optimise its efficiency and reduce the possibility of any failures before they could occur. It is designed to preserve and enhance equipment reliability and also to validate any manufacturers warranties. In many cases, unless qualified engineers carry out regular maintenance, the warranty on a system will become invalid. If you compare a heating system to a car (which also has many moving parts), your warranty will not be honoured if you don’t have regular planned maintenance.

Service Packages
We offer a number of different service packages including fixed price three, five and seven year contracts, ensuring your budget can be set in advance. Even if we have not installed your equipment, we can offer you a competitive service package.

Engineers on Call
Sometimes, even the most well maintained systems encounter problems. Our service department is on hand to talk you through common problems and schedule an engineer to come out and diagnose those faults unresolvable over the phone. Through our national network of suppliers we are able to source most spare parts still in production throughout the UK.