Common Probelms with Air Conditioning & Cellar Coolers

My unit isn’t heating or cooling the room very well
If you put the heater on in your car, you wouldn’t open the windows. The same applies to air conditioning units & cellar coolers – if you leave the door open, the unit will be trying to heat or cool your entire building.
It’s really hot in here so we’ve set the air con to a low temperature, but it isn’t blowing out any cold air
Although you can turn your air conditioning unit down  to as low as 16°C, it will not work efficiently at this temperature. The optimum temperature to run a unit in for cooling is 19°C .
It’s so cold outside, so we’ve put the air con on at 28°C, but it’s not blowing out any warm air

The speedometer in your car shows 150mph, but you know your car won’t go this fast! This is similar to your air conditioning unit- although it shows it can heat at 28°C, we find the best temperature to run a unit on in heating is about 20-21°C.

My air con unit just won’t seem to heat or cool

Check  that the  controller is showing a sunshine symbol if you want it to heat or a snowflake if you want it to cool. It’s always worth checking the batteries too.

It was really cold when we came in this morning. We’ve put the air con on but it just won’t get warm

It’s quicker to heat up a pan of warm water rather than a pan of icy cold water! In extreme cold during the winter, it’s advisable to keep  rooms at a base temperature and increase the heat a degree at a time when the room is in use.

My air con unit was heating nicely then started to blow out cold air. What’s happening?

When the air con unit has reached temperature it will stop heating, but the fan will keep running which results in it feeling like the unit is blowing out cold air. On some units there are settings that can reduce this feeling.

It’s cold outside and my air con unit won’t heat. Why?

You know how the back of a fridge is always warm while the inside is cold? Air conditioning units work in a similar way. If you ask your indoor unit to heat, the outdoor unit will blow out cold air. In very cold weather, especially during frosts, the outdoor unit will freeze up and go  into ‘auto defrost’. The best way  to speed up this  process  and get  it back  to normal is to put  the  indoor unit into cooling for about 30  minutes which will  make outdoor unit blow out warm air and melt the ice. Make sure the fan speed is on a low setting so it doesn’t feel too cold in the room.


My air conditioning unit won’t turn on. What can I check?

Has there been a power spike? Check the electrical supply at the distribution board to see if any of the breakers have tripped. If the breaker hasn’t tripped, try the isolator on the outdoor unit. If your outdoor units are in an accessible place, it’s possible that somebody could have turned it off.

My unit is showing a fault code. What do I do?

Don’t panic! Take a note of the fault code  and call the  service desk  on  01455 888000 opt  1. Some fault codes  are less serious than others, so it may not be as bad as you think.

My unit is leaking. Is it safe to use?

Yes, you can still use the unit but you may want to put something underneath it to catch the drips! The water is actually condensation that is created inside the unit and is either pumped away or drains away naturally. The unit will be  leaking if  the pump  has failed or if there’s a blockage in the drainage. Call the service desk on 01455 888000 opt 1 to report the problem and arrange for an engineer.

My air con unit smelt really bad so I sprayed it with perfume. Why does it still smell bad?

Spraying perfume or  deodorant into a unit can cause major problems as the chemicals in them can cause internal parts in air conditioning units to rot and corrode. Persistent issues with smelly units tend to be caused by someone repeatedly spraying the unit  to make  it smell  nicer!  Smell  can also  be  an issue with units that are in rooms  where  ‘smelly’ activities take place, like kitchens or changing rooms. The chemicals that the engineers use are specially formulated as to not cause any harm to the unit. There are also special smell busting blocks that can be put in smelly units.

My unit isn’t working but none of the problems described match what’s happening?

Take a note  of the unit make and the room it’s in and call our service desk on 01455 888000 opt 1. The more information about the problem that you can give us, the more  we will be  able to help. If there’s anything we can help solve over the phone, we will, but if we’re not able to, we will schedule an engineer to investigate the problem.