Heating Installation

Fitting a new boiler can be an expensive purchase, but it could save you money in the long term as energy prices continue to increase. A boiler can account for about 60% of your energy bill, but a new energy efficient boiler could cut your heating bills by up to 40%.

In 2005 new legislation decreed that all new gas boilers installed have to be condensing boilers, but which system is right for you? A combination (or combi) boiler (where instant hot water is provided and no water storage tanks are required) may be convenient, but a conventional system with a boiler and storage cylinder may be better suited where the hot water demand is high. This could be an open vented system (where the water tank is in loft) or a sealed system (where hot water is stored in a water tank usually in an airing cupboard).

We will discuss your needs and advise the best option to suit your budget and your property, whether it is domestic or commercial. Our knowledgeable engineers are fully trained and are Gas Safe registered, and through their competence, our customers can be confident the work carried out complies with the law.