Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings are a popular way of conserving energy. Suspended ceilings with high light reflectance will improve illumination, reduce the number of light fixtures, reduce maintenance costs, lower the electric light requirements, and therefore result in a lower cooling load.

The primary sources of lighting in an office are daylight and electrical lighting. The light reflectance of the ceiling is the most important aspect of illumination of the room affecting lighting efficiency, directly affecting working comfort and productivity.

Envtec can install suspended ceilings that improve occupant wellbeing and productivity by making spaces healthier, more comfortable and more energy and resource efficient.

Lighting is the number one source of energy consumption in buildings and, in poorly designed buildings; much of this can be wasted. A well designed ceiling with good light reflectance will reflect most of the light that strikes it, achieving lighting energy savings and a decrease in air conditioning [cooling] energy consumption. A high light reflectance ceiling, is an essential part of a low energy strategy for new build or refurbishment projects and will result in:

  • Fewer light fixtures
  • Reduced electrical light input
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced cooling load
  • Improve illumination and lighting uniformity
  • Reduce glare on computer screens
  • Increase employee productivity