Heating and Cooling Case Study

Enderby & District Social Club, Leicester

‘We get our hot water for free!’

‘Back in 2009, Envtec Services fitted new air conditioning systems throughout our club, Enderby & District Social Club. We were lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the Carbon Trust interest free funding which was available at the time, but the benefits we have reaped would have made it worth it even without the funding.

By removing our old gas boiler and replacing it with air conditioning units, we are able to heat each room individually, and only when we need it. When we had the boiler, it was all or nothing: heat the whole club, even if we were only using the bar. The concert room also took an age to get to a reasonable temperature, costing us a fortune in gas bills. Having air conditioning means we can turn the units on around half an hour before we need to use the room, instead of leaving it on all day.

We’ve completely eliminated our gas bills!

In order to keep the systems in working well, we have a service contract in place. Twice a year, Envtec’s engineers come out to service the units, and we know we can rely on them if we have a problem in the meantime.

They also look after our cellar cooler, and last year they asked us if we would be interested in the possibility of free hot water for our club. We didn’t believe them to begin with! They suggested installing a device called a ‘heat recovery unit’ [or HRU] which recovers heat from the cooling process of the cellar cooler which would normally be wasted, and re-uses it to heat water up. Our cellar cooler was getting on a bit, so we decided to replace this with an energy efficient Qualitair system, although the HRU can be fitted to some older equipment. We were worried that although the system would produce some hot water, would it produce enough? Once the football season started, we put it to the test! The system can produce enough hot water to run 6 showers at the same time, so after the game both teams could get clean!’

Bob McKness – Secretary, Enderby & District Social Club