Gas Boiler Case Study

“Envtec helped our family avoid disaster”

“We knew we had to get a Gas Safe certification for the gas boiler of the house we rent out, but we decided that we would get the boiler in our own house serviced too. We only moved in last year, and wanted to make sure everything was running well before the winter.

We contacted Envtec Services after a recommendation from a friend, and they arranged for their Gas Safe engineer to carry out a service and the certification at both houses on the same day.

A couple of my friends asked why we were bothering to have our boiler serviced, but I wanted to make sure our house was safe and the boiler was running efficiently. It was a good job too, as the engineer found that the pressure was too low, which indicated a blockage somewhere in the pipework coming into our house. He called the National Grid who came out and sorted the emergency the next morning. He explained that if the boiler hadn’t been serviced and the blockage had remained hidden, it could have resulted in an explosion, which could have destroyed our home or had even worse consequences. He was also able to advise a couple of changes we could make, and the office sent through a quote with very competitive prices.

After our experience, I would definitely recommend having your boiler serviced, and I was very pleased with the knowledgeable engineer Envtec Services sent and the prompt action he took which has potentially saved our family.”

Mrs Carr, Homeowner & Landlord
Whetstone, Leicestershire