Air Conditioning Case Study

“Envtec always respond quickly to our problems”

“Being the main point of contact in the properties & maintenance team at the UK’s leading property conveyancing provider can be very stressful, especially when everybody calls you to have a moan!

Like most companies, we rely heavily on our IT infrastructure, so the server room really is the hub of the business. With this in mind, we need a pro-active company to look after our air conditioning units.

When one of our server room air conditioning units failed, an Envtec engineer came to site and assessed the problem on the same day. Then they provided us with a number of options; we could repair the unit but would have to wait a number of weeks for the parts to be delivered from the manufacturer, or we could have a brand new unit with a great warranty package and have it fitted  immediately. We couldn’t function with a server room unit down for weeks, so we opted for the new unit and Envtec organised everything to install it the very next day.

It really helps in the day to day running of the business knowing we can relay on a local company to be on hand if we have any problems.”

Jon Hood